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CCME: Quality Improvement
For more than 30 years, CCME has worked with health care providers, stakeholder groups, and patients to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health care.

CCME focuses on helping providers across the health care continuum improve the care delivered to Medicare patients. As the Medicare Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for South Carolina, our efforts support the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) goal of improving our nation’s health and promoting quality of care to ensure the right care at the right time, every time.

The National Quality Strategy has three broad aims:

  • Better health care
  • Better health for people and communities
  • Affordable care by lowering cost through improvement

The strategy also articulates six priorities that build on the broad aims including:

  • Making care safer
  • Promoting effective coordination of care
  • Ensuring care is person and family-centered
  • Promoting the best possible prevention and treatment of the leading causes of mortality, starting with cardiovascular disease
  • Helping communities support better health
  • Making care more affordable for individuals, families, employers, and governments by reducing the costs of care through continual improvement.

The National Quality Strategy notes that an effective national approach must support effective local strategies. CCME supports the implementation of the national strategy at the local level through our current work.

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