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Llewelyn Memorial Award

Charles McElmurray, MD, Recognized for Leadership, Service, and Patient-Centered Care

Columbia, SC – Family physician Charles McElmurray of Winnsboro, SC, was awarded The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence’s (CCME) 2019 Timothy S. Llewelyn, MD Memorial Award in recognition for his outstanding achievements in health care quality and service to the medical community and underserved populations. CCME Board member Roger A. Gaddy, MD, presented the award on September 20, 2019, at the SC Hospital Association/SC Medical Association Trustee, Administrator, and Physician (TAP) conference in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Dr. McElmurray’s dedication to medical care for underserved residents admirably traces back to the start of his career with the John A. Martin Primary Health Care Center. He was the sole physician at the center for underserved populations needing prenatal, diabetes, and hypertension medical care. A trailblazer among his peers, Dr. McElmurray developed a Diabetes Education Center 15 years ago to help high-risk and prevalent diabetes-affected populations. Dr. McElmurray is known and respected for being a passionate and vital voice in the training of more than 1,300 students to ensure future medical professionals reached their potential.

CCME bestows the Llewelyn Memorial Award to physicians in South Carolina demonstrating outstanding achievements in health care and service in the medical community and for residents. It was established in 2014 to honor the life and memory of one of its long-serving board members, Timothy S. Llewelyn, MD, who passed away in 2014. An internist, Dr. Llewelyn was highly regarded for his integrity, compassion, and expertise in patient care for 30 years and resided in Spartanburg, SC.

About Timothy S. Llewelyn, MD

Timothy S. Llewelyn, MDTimothy S. Llewelyn, MD, was a long-time member of the CCME Board of Directors, practiced internal medicine for 30 years, and resided in Spartanburg. Dr. Llewelyn passed away in 2014, and will be long remembered for his commitment to enhancing patient care in South Carolina.

Dr. Llewelyn was well-known for his outstanding patient care, his integrity and compassion, and his leadership in the health care community. He began his career working in public health for the US Army and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Dr. Llewelyn was named the 2009 D.C. Hull Physician of the Year by the Spartanburg County Medical Society, in appreciation of his many years of service to the society. He also served the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center as chief of staff and was a founding member of the St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic, the first free medical clinic in Spartanburg County.

LLewelyn Award LogoTimothy S. Llewelyn, MD, Memorial Award

Established in 2015, the Llewelyn Memorial Award honors the life and memory of one of South Carolina’s prominent physicians and long-time member of CCME’s Board of Directors, Timothy S. Llewelyn, MD, for his outstanding patient care, his integrity and compassion, and his leadership in the health care community.


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